Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just What Kind of Blog Do You Think This Is?

Tell me, because I have no idea.  Seriously.

I originally started this blog as an outlet for my wreath shop on Etsy, appropriately named SugarSkull Industries' (W)Reef Shop, because I love a good pun. I read online that the best way to build up an audience of which to introduce my wares was by casting a wide net into the blogosphere.  Fair enough, I thought.  Plus I love writing and telling funny stories about my childhood, like that one time I found a dead bird in our backyard playhouse that my mom took great lengths to sew little fabric curtains for, which made me believe for a short time that we actually had an evil, Satanic playhouse that was murdering small animals.  Turns out we just left the little front door open and an an old bird was looking for a quiet place to pass on.

So maybe I started this blog for the wrong reasons.  I mean who hasn't heard of a wreath.  "Oh excuse me, ladies and fine gentlemen!  Allow me to introduce the newest thing, straight from Paris, you have never seen anything like it, I promise!  Behold--the wreath!"

I started with a bold direction for my blog.  Nothing exactly new or innovative but tried and true.  I enjoy reading Radical Possibility and thought, hey I like decorating my house, I love exploring the nearest city, I love drinking gin! I settled on posting some fun home decor DIY projects, artistically impressive photos of my travels, and the occasional think piece on whatever my little dorky heart desired, like books, music and/or anything comic book related.  The readers would surely flock.  I am and will forever be an optimist. Fatally optimistic is what my paternal grandmother once said.  I, of course, was like, "What the hell, Granma?"  (She prefers the spelling without a "d")

I'll be honest, I did have fun posting.  Even though my DIY projects were sadly short-lived.  I have neither the imagination nor skill to come up with successful DIYs on a regular basis and forget taking successful photos of the whole enterprise.  Seriously, are there any night owl bloggers?  And if so what do you post?  Do you take your pictures at night, after work like I try to?

I don't travel enough to take beautiful landscape pictures of things like an abandoned cemetery or like, a duck pond.  I don't have a mate or children to take pictures of or, conversely, to take pictures of me while doing DIYs.  Sorry if I left  you with the impression that I may or may not be left handed.

So what is left then?  The funny stories, I guess?  I could try cooking but come on, not even I'm optimistic enough to beat that dead horse.  Also, I'm like a remedial cook at best.  I know how to cook some stuff, like spaghetti, meat loaf, tacos but I'm not adventurous and at the first mention of a food processor or mixer, I give up.  I got a rice cooker, an 18 year old toaster, a blender and a panini press.  I mean I can't even make rice unassisted.

I could try the fashion angle.  Taking pictures of every single outfi---nah, scratch that.  I'm too lazy.  I got bored halfway through that last sentence.

So what are your thoughts?  What do you look for in your favorite blogs?  After 6 months of blogging, I'm asking you, dear readers, what do you like to read about?  What gets you interested and engaged?  Just curious.

; )



  1. I like the blogs that are a smattering of business with a lot of personal and nostalgic. I'm fond of Katwise's blog posts for that very reason. Yours are somewhat similar.

  2. I mostly like to read about what other people are up to, what they think about stuff, what floats their boat - just life stuff really. Sure, I love a good DIY or recipe but one thing I've learned from blogging is that you've gotta write about what YOU like otherwise it's easy to lose interest - Plus your readers Will see your enthusiasm in your posts if your writing about things you love :) x

  3. My favorite blogs tend to be more "lifestyle" in nature, rather than specifically fashion, DIY, food or whatever. I like to read (and write) about different things, but what really catches my eye is the author's voice. I like to feel a connection and relate to the voice. Honestly, your natural voice is always the right voice and whatever you WANT to write about is what you should write about. If you focus too much on trying to be a certain way to get a certain audience I think it's harder to maintain and feel excited about your own blog, which blows because it's YOUR blog, you know? Also, I'm still laughing at "Sorry if I left you with the impression that I may or may not be left handed." I FEEL YOU. xo

    1. Thanks lady! You are so right! I'm super impressed with your nail painting skillz and the way you write. Everybody's got their thing to be passionate about.