Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY - Lego Plant Stakes or why "Everything is Awesome"!

***First a Public Service Announcement brought to you by SugarSkull Industries!***

Ya'll need to go see the The Lego Movie!  I'm serious!  Your life will never be complete until you see this movie.  Don't protest, just rush out to see.  You may thank me in advance!  I have in no way, shape, or form been compensated or approached to endorse the Lego Company.  JUST. WATCH. THE. MOVIE.

***This has been a Public Service Announcement.  Now back to your regular programming.***

Sorry about that my ninjas.  I just felt I needed to get that off of my chest and to perform my civic duty in alerting you to any and all things awesome.

Now, I've had my eye on some pretty sweet gnome plant stakes for some time.  To add to my lil' collection of succulents currently occupying my window sill.  They seem to burn and die if I place them outside.  I finally found one at a cheap price at Walmart.

And he (My Lil 'Gnomie), seemed a tad underwhelming.  I mean yeah, it's a cute little gnome but he is quite mass produced and available almost everywhere.  Not really my style.  I mean, I'll keep him just....ehhh.

I was getting really excited by the arrival of The Lego Movie, in theaters, that I started looking for LEGO DIYs on Pinterest and found this terrarium inspired one.

Pretty awesome!  However, I'd like to point out that the Lego mini figures used in the above photos come from moderately expensive Lego sets and I'm not about to buy a $30 set to use two figurines and stick them in a plant.  You know?

However, if you buy the individual Lego mini figures like I do ('cause I'm a giant nerd who only had one Lego set growing up), you sometimes end up with multiples of a particular figure.

They sell them in blind packing, so you never know which one you'll get.

I decided to use my extra mini figures and also a little Batman figurine because Batman appears in the The Lego Movie.  So let's get started!

Okay so Batman, a conquistador, and an elf walk into a bar.....
You will need:

- Lego Mini figures
- 10" Wood Skewers
- A Cutting Tool
- Hot glue

Let's do this!!!
Step One - Cut down your wooden skewers to about 3 to 4 inches from the pointy end.  You can pre-paint the skewers if you want to.  I chose to go au naturel (because I'm lazy).

Step Two - After you've cut down your wooden skewers, keeping the pointy ends, take your hot glue and daub a generous amount on the back of your figure.  Attach the flat end of the skewer and hold in place until the glue hardens.

I realize I just put glue on my Legos, something the movie tells you not to do.

Step Three - Make your plant totally awesome with your new Lego Plant Stakes....*whispers* and go see The Lego Movie!

Remember to holla back my ninjas!  You still play with Legos? Let me know.


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