Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just What Kind of Blog Do You Think This Is?

Tell me, because I have no idea.  Seriously.

I originally started this blog as an outlet for my wreath shop on Etsy, appropriately named SugarSkull Industries' (W)Reef Shop, because I love a good pun. I read online that the best way to build up an audience of which to introduce my wares was by casting a wide net into the blogosphere.  Fair enough, I thought.  Plus I love writing and telling funny stories about my childhood, like that one time I found a dead bird in our backyard playhouse that my mom took great lengths to sew little fabric curtains for, which made me believe for a short time that we actually had an evil, Satanic playhouse that was murdering small animals.  Turns out we just left the little front door open and an an old bird was looking for a quiet place to pass on.

So maybe I started this blog for the wrong reasons.  I mean who hasn't heard of a wreath.  "Oh excuse me, ladies and fine gentlemen!  Allow me to introduce the newest thing, straight from Paris, you have never seen anything like it, I promise!  Behold--the wreath!"

I started with a bold direction for my blog.  Nothing exactly new or innovative but tried and true.  I enjoy reading Radical Possibility and thought, hey I like decorating my house, I love exploring the nearest city, I love drinking gin! I settled on posting some fun home decor DIY projects, artistically impressive photos of my travels, and the occasional think piece on whatever my little dorky heart desired, like books, music and/or anything comic book related.  The readers would surely flock.  I am and will forever be an optimist. Fatally optimistic is what my paternal grandmother once said.  I, of course, was like, "What the hell, Granma?"  (She prefers the spelling without a "d")

I'll be honest, I did have fun posting.  Even though my DIY projects were sadly short-lived.  I have neither the imagination nor skill to come up with successful DIYs on a regular basis and forget taking successful photos of the whole enterprise.  Seriously, are there any night owl bloggers?  And if so what do you post?  Do you take your pictures at night, after work like I try to?

I don't travel enough to take beautiful landscape pictures of things like an abandoned cemetery or like, a duck pond.  I don't have a mate or children to take pictures of or, conversely, to take pictures of me while doing DIYs.  Sorry if I left  you with the impression that I may or may not be left handed.

So what is left then?  The funny stories, I guess?  I could try cooking but come on, not even I'm optimistic enough to beat that dead horse.  Also, I'm like a remedial cook at best.  I know how to cook some stuff, like spaghetti, meat loaf, tacos but I'm not adventurous and at the first mention of a food processor or mixer, I give up.  I got a rice cooker, an 18 year old toaster, a blender and a panini press.  I mean I can't even make rice unassisted.

I could try the fashion angle.  Taking pictures of every single outfi---nah, scratch that.  I'm too lazy.  I got bored halfway through that last sentence.

So what are your thoughts?  What do you look for in your favorite blogs?  After 6 months of blogging, I'm asking you, dear readers, what do you like to read about?  What gets you interested and engaged?  Just curious.

; )


Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - BeckFest

Source - @xxNicholixx
Hello again.  Look I know I wrote about the Fear Of Missing Out on my last post, and I hate to be a hypocritical jerk but………………………………….

I went to see Beck at Edgefest this past Saturday.  Edgefest is held in the major burbs each year, Frisco, Texas to be exact, and typically showcases artists playing on Alternative Rock radio.  Not quite the eclectic artists you can find on NPR, College Radio Stations and various, various music festivals but more like half Foster the People, half Stained. More commercial music but the trend lately has been getting more and more into offering indie folk music like the Lumineers and pop like Lorde.  I ain’t got a problem with this.  It’s more music that I actually like. 


This past 24th installment of Edgefest was headlined by his Beck-ness, Beck and included the Avett Brothers, Bastille, Grouplove, Chvrches, The Neighborhood, Kongos and Bear Hands.  They also had Cage the Elephant and Switchfoot, I guess to keep true to its alternative rock roots but whatever.  It’s not my personal favorite type of music but I guess they wanted to keep original fan base happy.  Even though the concert venue was formally named Pizza Hut Park and the event was sponsored by a Vapor Shop, you know, timeless cornerstones of the early 22nd Century. (Insert eye roll here)

Prior to the past Saturday I have seen my most favorite musical act of all time play exactly one time.  So I had to get my ticket to see Beck.  He played for only an hour and I swear time never moved so fast.  He did a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” that was highlight.  I know some people hate mash ups and blame the youth culture but this was literally, the ONLY good thing about Glee.  And don’t hate b/c covers and mash-ups are amazing.  Like when you find an awesome prize for once in a Cracker Jack box.  (Does anyone ever eat Cracker Jack anymore?)

Beck Setlist
  1. Devil's Haircut
  2. Loser
  3. Black Tambourine
  4. One Foot in the Grave
  5. Think I'm in Love
  6. Blue Moon
  7. Lost Cause
  8. Soldier Jane
  9. Girl
  10. Sissyneck/ Billie Jean cover
  11. Debra
  12. E-Pro
  13. Where It's At

 But Marg, what about the other bands?  I gotcha you covered, homie.

The Neighborhood rocked my face and played two new tracks from their upcoming albums, which I assure you is coming along swell.  Grouplove did an amazing cover of Beyonce’s Drunk in Love, and was followed by Bastille covering This Is the Rhythm of the Night.  The Avett Brothers and Chvrches were……..just not my jam…………….I don’t why.  I get what is appealing about both but Avett I’m always comparing to Mumford and Sons and Chvrches to the xx.  They don’t even play the exact same music but I’m dumb like that soooooo sorry.

My new musical discovery though?  Kongos. 

They are a group of brothers that grew up in South Africa.  Their music is a little Black Keys, a little Gogol Bordello, and tiny pinch of Daft Punk synthesizers.  Ya’ll should check it out. (It’s worth it)


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fear of Missing Out

Last weekend, yes Easter Weekend of all things, I was experiencing some FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out.  There were so many free activities I had planned after a particularly stressful work week.  The was the free Late Night at the Dallas Museum Art on Friday night, the Dallas Etsy Spring Bash outdoor market Saturday morning, and of course Record Store Day with food, festivities and music all day at several shops in Dallas and Fort Worth.  There was also the grand opening of Melt Ice Creams Saturday night in Fort Worth.


I really needed to mow my backyard.  And sleep in some.

After the work week I was ready to have tons of fun but my backyard was severely overgrown with weeds, tall thick dandelion stalks, home to a million plus mosquitos.  I also couldn’t wake up before nine, instead awaking at 11:30 am, rubbing my eyes in a weird foggy daze.

Shit, I thought.

Now I was going to have to hustle to make the Etsy Spring Bash.  As I slowly awoke over a cup of coffee, I noticed my dog, Lil Mama, had virtually vanished behind a huge patch of weeds.  I had been given a notification by the city the spring before, telling me my lawn was overgrown and I would be fined if it was not taken care of.  I didn’t want that to happen again.  My dog, a blue heeler-lab mix, was an outdoor dog and loved lying out in the sun all day.

But I didn’t want to miss all the awesome activities! 

I wanted, nay NEEDED to go out and meet cool people because A – I have never had a boyfriend in my entire LIFE, B – I wanted to make new friends with stranger, which is generally easy for me and C – my bestest friends in the world are always working during the weekends.  Plus I wanted to get tips for my own Etsy shop!  This would help my love life, my social life and my business!

After I agonized a few minutes, I was like, fuck it.  You know what?  Just fuck it.  So I would miss out on some really awesome stuff.  Who cares?  There was a reason I couldn’t wake up early, because I need rest.  And now my dog needs me, and my home needs me.  We are the people we are, not because of the same concert everyone went to, or the same party everyone attended, but because of our differences.  Because of the DIFFERENT choices we each make.

So I mowed my lawn. 

All of this.....

Not that I did a great job but it got done.

As soon as I was done, Lil’ Mama flopped on her back, rubbing her fur into the newly shorn yard.  I took a shower, and made some guacamole and a grapefruit gin and tonic.  Then lay on the couch reading a book.  It was heaven.

I bet those activities didn't have fresh guac.

See no one ever brags about mowing their lawn on Facebook or posting it on their blog.  We are lead to believe we are missing out by living our own lives.  I feel lazy for not coming up with brilliant DIY ideas on a regular basis.  I feel jealous for not being a wonderful baker or a clean living cooks.  I love to take photographs whenever I go on a trip but it's not nearly enough to sustain two posts a week.

Never fear missing out, what you are gaining is a sense of self and nothing, not even a blog, can give you that.


Top Image Source - Original and Edited

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trying Too Hard

"Trying too hard" is a phrase that gets tossed around, usually with the cruelest intentions. " You're trying too hard" or "So and so celebrity is just trying too hard".  It implies that the speaker has a superior sense of confidence or outright coolness that the subject of the phrase, "you're trying too hard" can never attain and should be admonished for striving for in the first place.

It's a mean thing to say, yet I say it all the time.


I guess I overlook the "try" part.  There should never be any shame in "trying" to do anything.  The shame should be in not trying, not trying hard for anything.  We don't roll our eyes at superheroes, dusting themselves off from a spectacular defeat and refusing to give up.  We don't accuse them of "trying too hard".  We don't sigh in disappointment at our US Olympic Teams, in any sport, for "trying too hard".  We are Americans, we want to win, we want to do what is right, and we like to think we would never give up.  There is no "trying too hard" in sports

What I refer to as "trying too hard" is pretending to be someone you are not.  When it's so obvious it's painful for others to witness.  Women who pretend to enjoy being promiscuous when I can see the loneliness in their eyes and hear it in their voices.  I'm not condemning promiscuity, it should be you own choice for yourself, your body and your own well-being.  Not because you want to attract men, to solve underlying issues that no can resolve but you.  Men that act dumber and meaner than they truly are, to be accepted as "one of the guys".  Teens that deny the differences within them, that make them unique and wonderful, to fit in with other kids that don't appreciate or recognize their true potential.  This is "trying too hard".

This abandoning everything that is truly "you" in a frivolous pursuit of fitting in or standing out.  Not standing out on your own terms, but on someone else's terms, and doing it poorly.  When the seams show, your  thoughts, words, manner of appearance comes across totally artificial, like a weird batch of Starbursts or Skittles, when they just taste wrong.  Making a Herculean effort in an ignoble task.

This is not the same as "fake it 'til you make it", which operates best when a small kernel of your true self DOES reside in the position or title you are after.  No, "trying too hard" is when your actions, your attitude, your motivation is completely alien to you, yet you operate through a cloud of delusion, thinking you need to be someone else.  Putting forth admirable energy into an exercise that ultimately diminishes your true self.  A lamentable waste.

I think "trying too hard" happens after adolescence, usually.  Beyond the normal time period of finding yourself, though I suppose that goal is more of a moving target, shifting and evolving throughout life.  However that first step in a gradual evolution of your true self should have occurred by now, yes?  After we have survived high school?  Pure mathematics dictates the majority of us did not "fit in" in some way in high school.  We faced a little ostracism in some way for being too smart, too quiet, too loud, too tall, too fat, too skinny, too nerdy, too ugly, too new, too short, too poor, too dark skinned, too light skinned etc.  This made us introspective, made us come to terms with who we are.  Some try to change their spots, and that is perfectly normal, early on, in our adolescence.  Some decide they are just too unique, too brave, too special and they make their own way.  There will never be another person like me and I need to own this.  This is who I am.

Too see someone bypass this process in their formative years is practically a giant mystery to me.  Even the popular kids have their own crisis in confidence, if not in high school then in college, surely.  If not then, I don't really see them doubting themselves later on.  They surely have cracked the magic formula of fitting in and need not to try so hard.  I try to ascertain the motivations of those that do "try hard", but it is still a rune I cannot decipher.  Perhaps they didn't suffer in high school, perhaps they did.  Don't fight who you naturally are.  You shouldn't have to try so hard.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up - Painted Plants, Game of Thrones, and Master Splinter

Welcome to the Weekend Wrap-Up!

Over the weekend I went day time drinking with some strangers at a dive bar, attended an art gallery showing with my sister, and lost my mind over the new Game of Thrones episode.  Oh and also my taxes and the new Master Splinter.

On Saturday I decided to attend an unofficial "Meet A Yelper"  event, which just consisted of about 12 to 15 people meeting at a local dive bar for a couple round of drinks.  I don't know if you guys use Yelp or not, but in short it's a user generated website, in which you can submit reviews about any restaurant, auto garage, nail salon, bar, etc.  Yelp hosts several "Official Events" in which you can attend to sample local food but I usually wind up going alone to someplace in Downtown Dallas.  I wind up all nervous and sweaty because it's hard meeting people when everyone else is part of a couple or group.  So this "Meet A Yelper" event was a chance to meet people, one on one, for a change.  I was stoked.  Until I got to the parking lot.  Then I panicked. "What if I can't find them?"  "What if no one is there?"  "What if I'm overdressed?"  "What if I'm overdressed".  I had to take a deep breath and get out of the car.  I walked in like I belonged there and lo and behold, there was a group sitting out on the patio.  I said hi, they made room for me and I was small talking like a mother f*cking champ.  Then someone asked me if I had ever seen the show "Heroes" and then I quickly sucked them into my nerdy gravitational force.  It was awesome, and I had like four Tang-flavored margaritas.

At the gallery showing for my sister's friend I met another blogger.  ANOTHER BLOGGER! Brittany Burke runs Ravishing in Plaid, a fashion and lifestyle blog.  She is so fresh and young that I would have never guessed she is married and a full-time working mom of a three year old.  Meeting people in public is on the opposite end of the same spectrum as writing a blog. You get instant feedback, which is a blast!  Brittany and I gabbed about our frustration about not being able to take awesome DIY project pictures during the day, since you know we both work at a office and we were so envious about those light, white and bright photos you see on EVERYBODY'S blogs.  We exchanged business cards and promised to send each tips or news.  Go check her cute blog when you've got time.

Sunday I was going to go to the Fort Worth Main Street Art Festival but it got cancelled due to the super-strong winds.  I wasn't too upset, seeing as I still needed to do my taxes and I really, really trying to save some money.  Before that I thought I would pop down to Walmart to pick up some dog food.  Yes, I said Walmart.  I did some price sourcing for their plants and Terra cotta pots, when I stumbled across some succulents that been spray painted.  Have you ever seen this before?  Painted plants?  Does this not kill the plant?

They were very colorful but seemed like plant cruelty.  Not my thing.

So after my little shopping trip I was still in a procrastinating mood so I sat down to watch Game of Thrones, yeah the Purple Wedding episode, and a new episode of Bob's Burgers, and the new The Bletchley Circle episode.  Suffice it to say, I did not watch MTV or Mad Men because I have long since stopped caring but I DID make it a point to see the newest Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer which showed a sneak peek at the new version of Master Splinter.

 A Fu Manchu ??? He's supposed to be Japanese.

You know those Bounty Paper towel commercials?  Where the mom uses Bounty and another off-brand paper towel to wash a pile of grapes or whatever, suspending them over the kitchen sink?  That wet paper towel, straining under the weight, is my suspension of disbelief, like right before this trailer ever happened.  

I don't remember the pool balls, I somehow remember them being grapes, probably because it makes more sense.

I can somehow believe in man-sized turtles, I can handle a white Shredder, I can believe that turtles can be taught ninjitsu.  What ruins it for me?  What makes my paper towel collapse in the middle in a jagged hole?  Splinter wearing a FU MANCHU BEARD!  There is no plausible reason why this should exist.  Plus his character will be voiced by Tony Shalhoub, yep the nebbish guy from Monk.  Tony Shalhoub is an amazing actor, but Splinter he is not.  That rat already looks like Ben Kingsley's the Mandarin character so why not add him to the cast?

Now it's just curtains for me.  I have zero desire.  My anticipation has been sucked out of me faster than a crawdad at a crawfish boil.  I hate this movie already.

So how was your weekend?  Awkward transition, I know.  Drop me a line in the comments!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Decor Ideas for Hosting an Easter Lunch

Easter never gets all the hype the Christmas does, but it should.  I mean not just for religious reasons but because Easter coincides with a beautiful season, Spring.  I remember hunting for Easter Eggs as a child with my two younger sisters.  My mom would hide them around the house.  My younger sister S would tear around the house, showing no mercy, grabbing every egg in sight.  My mom still hides one egg in my sister’s home in Indianapolis.  Picks the hardest place she can find, just so my sister can still experience the thrill of the hunt.  

My mom still hides eggs around the house for me and my youngest sister T, now both grown adults.  She hides them inside of light fixtures, underneath furniture, buried under a bowl of fruit.  She’s pretty crafty, my mom.

Pretty much my mom and step dad the night before....."hahaha, they'll never find the egg in here".  Source

When my dad remarried, we used to spend Easters with him and my stepmothers' family, gathering for a huge outdoor picnic.  Both my parents were cradle Catholics, and raised me and my sisters the same way.  We never got out of going to church, it was the one thread that held both sides of my mom’s family and dad’s family together, but at the picnics we were too old to hunt Easter Eggs.  Instead we took turns donning an Easter Bunny suit for the younger kids. 

Similar to a sports mascot, the suit zipped up the back, covering you in a coat of synthetic fur, and the mask was an over sized bunny head, with two tiny holes for the eyes.  The nose of the bunny was so over sized, you couldn't look down to see where you were going.  I quickly realized why Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland always did that creepy, head patting motion at Disneyland. 

This was me....."oh where are you, screaming child?  For I cannot SEE!" Source  

It’s because you literally cannot see small children in that suit.  You have to pet their heads to find out where they are.  You’ll just feel something hug you suddenly at like knee level but you cannot see where the child is.

Aside from Easter Egg Hunts or Easter Bunny suits this year I want to celebrate by hosting an Easter lunch at my house.

As always I turn to Pinterest for some fresh inspiration, whenever I get too discouraged by all the cookie cutter holiday decor out there.

Here are my picks for the table setting.

Table Runner

I was looking for some type of alternative to the traditional pastel colored table runner and thought this cute version made from burlap would be really simple to do.  You can make the little bunny tails with white pom poms and I like how it doesn’t absolutely scream EASTER.


Place Card Settings

You do a two in one, using little planted succulents as a place card setting and take home gift favor. Yes, succulents are everywhere, I know, so why not add them to Easter?  I love the inclusion of the pink aquarium gravel you can get at any pet store to make it more seasonal looking.  I know the succulents and mini terracotta pots are some of the cheapest things to buy at a hardware store.  How cute with this be, with a little name card propped up against it?



For centerpieces, I usually see the standard pastel colored eggs in a plastic or wood basket.  It’s not too bad but I was looking for something unusual and cheap.  Always what’s cheapest.  I love this combination of glittery eggs and simple carnations thrown together in a white bowl.  I really like how the colors pop against the white and how the glitter adds an extra layer of texture.  Low cost, inventive and easy to make, what’s not to love?


Party Favors for the Kids

This year I want to invite my two twin kid sisters as well.  They will almost be 11 this year, but hopefully that’s not too old to be into these adorable DIY Bunny Ears.  You can make several pairs with colored construction paper and colored tissue paper, just glue to a cheap headband and voila!  I will totally make some for the adults as well.  Instagram will be all like blowing up with the photo ops these bunny ears will provide.


Household Décor

I do usually sprinkle my seasonal décor throughout my living room and dining room to set the tone.  While I’m not all that crazy about a ton of pastel colors, I think I can live with a little pastel, especially when juxtaposed with neon colors.


Source - A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

How cute are those neon branches?  These would be super easy to scatter artfully along my bookshelf or in a glass vase on my coffee table.  The garland, while pastel, seems doable to me, especially if you keep around a lot of yarn, like I do.  I like the pastel colored yarn balls, giant pom-poms, and the tiny birdhouses you can find at most craft stores for a dollar a pop.  While I don’t have a fireplace or even a mantel I can picture a garland like this adorning my side table, or *ahem* even my bar cart.  

So what you are guys looking forward to for the Easter holidays?  I personally gave up pizza for Lent and have been daydreaming about the greasiest slice for almost six weeks now.  What traditions does your family have?

Drop me a line in the comments!  I want to know!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nerd Rant #3 - TM Ninja Turtles Reboot - The Next Batman Begins?

Smells like Teen Spirit.....and uhh ninjas....and tur...tles???
Ever wonder why, my dear readers, I will sometimes greet you as "my ninjas"?  This is because I have a deep affection for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, as most adults my age do. (Yes we're Adults now!)  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or TMNT for short, were four brothers that worked as a team.  This use of "Ninja" became a term of endearment at my work, since I work so closely together with my co-workers.  We have each others' back.  We are a TEAM!

Now as the oldest sibling, Leonardo aka the Blue One, is the leader of the team.  He's not the strongest, that's Raphael.  He's not the smartest, that's Donatello.  He is definitely not the funny one, that's Michelangelo but he is the boss.  He's a little serious, a little bossy but he leads because he loves his family and his brothers.  As a kid, I GOT Leo.  As the oldest sibling myself, I understood his struggle to lead, especially whenever he doubted himself or became frustrated that he was held more accountable than anyone else.  Growing up, my parents told me it was my job to protect my two younger sisters whenever my parents couldn't be there.  I got in trouble if my sisters got in trouble, because I knew better and failed to keep them in line.  Yep, I was Leo just without the sweet swords, ninja training, and turtle DNA.

I went to see the last TMNT animated movie at the movie theater by myself.  I actively watch every episode of the current TMNT animated tv series on Nickelodeon.  So yeah, I gonna judge the hell out of the new trailer for Michael Bay's live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

My verdict?  This looks a whole lot like the Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy.  Like shot for shot.  Let's break it down, shall we? Please be advised, none of these images are mine but that's kinda obvious.....right?

So first up in the trailer we see overhead shots of a big city, I assume it's New York but really it could be Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, anywhere.  This is followed by a shot of a terrorist shooting a gun, dressed in black, then followed by a helicopter hovering over the city.  Fair enough, this is the same setup for any action movie trailer or drama these days.  Then we see a large radio tower get destroyed.  Large scale destruction appears in most action movie trailers but consistently appears in the Nolan Bat-verse.

Gotham City Bridge....Bane prefers blasting bridges to burning them

During these shots we hear a white male's voice-over describe the decline of honor, justice and heroes.  Again no real surprise here, it's been done before.

In the Dark Knight trailer it's Michael Caine.
In TMNT it's William Fichtner, apparently he plays Shredder AND he was also in the Dark Knight.
Next up in the TMNT trailer we see armed criminals being ambushed in a subway station.  Literally being thrown against the walls. We do not get a glimpse of the attackers. Seem familiar?  That would because the first scene in which Batman fights in Batman Begins takes place in a shipping container yard.  He too, ambushes armed criminals while remaining unseen.

Okay well eventually he is seen.

I guess the Turtles get seen by April O'Neil too.  On her digital camera, in the dark., while my camera can't even take a decent concert photo.

We see more city destruction in the trailer, the masses panicking, cop cars forming a blockade and then Leonardo leaps from a building donning ninja weapons and gear.  Ninja weapons....hmm.......

Oh right,....

Yep, got it.
Then comes my favorite part, the turtles can be seen sliding down a snow-covered mountain, because their shells are like natural sleds, baby!

He did not clear that all...
THIS too appears in Batman Begins, when Bruce Wayne slides down a snow-covered mountain to save Liam Neeson's character.

Okay nerds, I know this scene occurs earlier that the mountain scene but I needed to show a lil context, so slow your roll, okay?
He (Bruce) had to literally slow his Master's roll (off a mountain)
I'm not saying the comparisons between the TMNT reboot and the Nolan Batverse is unfavorable, far from it.  I realize this is just the very first trailer but I feel as though I have already seen a movie like this, Batman Begins, and I do not believe TMNT can top it at this point.  This trailer just gives rise to too many questions.  Where is Master Splinter?  Who is the bad guy, the antagonist?  The Foot Clan, the Kraang, Shredder?  What does Raph or Donnie look like?  What does Leonardo sound like?  Is Casey Jones going to show up?  What the hell happened to Mikey's face?

I mean, LOOK AT IT!!!!
I feel like the current animated series is totally hitting it out of the park, providing an updated version of the Turtles that includes all of the above elements,(Master Splinter, the Kraang, etc.) and yet wisely skip any Vanilla Ice references and "Cowabunga, dude!"  What purpose would the live version hope to accomplish?  A watered down version of Batman Begins?  At this point, I'm not buying what Michael Bay is selling and I even buy the TMNT Lego sets, people! I guess, I'll just have to stay tuned.

What are your thoughts, my ninjas?  Which turtle was/is your favorite?  Are you excited for the reboot? I wanna know!