Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up - Painted Plants, Game of Thrones, and Master Splinter

Welcome to the Weekend Wrap-Up!

Over the weekend I went day time drinking with some strangers at a dive bar, attended an art gallery showing with my sister, and lost my mind over the new Game of Thrones episode.  Oh and also my taxes and the new Master Splinter.

On Saturday I decided to attend an unofficial "Meet A Yelper"  event, which just consisted of about 12 to 15 people meeting at a local dive bar for a couple round of drinks.  I don't know if you guys use Yelp or not, but in short it's a user generated website, in which you can submit reviews about any restaurant, auto garage, nail salon, bar, etc.  Yelp hosts several "Official Events" in which you can attend to sample local food but I usually wind up going alone to someplace in Downtown Dallas.  I wind up all nervous and sweaty because it's hard meeting people when everyone else is part of a couple or group.  So this "Meet A Yelper" event was a chance to meet people, one on one, for a change.  I was stoked.  Until I got to the parking lot.  Then I panicked. "What if I can't find them?"  "What if no one is there?"  "What if I'm overdressed?"  "What if I'm overdressed".  I had to take a deep breath and get out of the car.  I walked in like I belonged there and lo and behold, there was a group sitting out on the patio.  I said hi, they made room for me and I was small talking like a mother f*cking champ.  Then someone asked me if I had ever seen the show "Heroes" and then I quickly sucked them into my nerdy gravitational force.  It was awesome, and I had like four Tang-flavored margaritas.

At the gallery showing for my sister's friend I met another blogger.  ANOTHER BLOGGER! Brittany Burke runs Ravishing in Plaid, a fashion and lifestyle blog.  She is so fresh and young that I would have never guessed she is married and a full-time working mom of a three year old.  Meeting people in public is on the opposite end of the same spectrum as writing a blog. You get instant feedback, which is a blast!  Brittany and I gabbed about our frustration about not being able to take awesome DIY project pictures during the day, since you know we both work at a office and we were so envious about those light, white and bright photos you see on EVERYBODY'S blogs.  We exchanged business cards and promised to send each tips or news.  Go check her cute blog when you've got time.

Sunday I was going to go to the Fort Worth Main Street Art Festival but it got cancelled due to the super-strong winds.  I wasn't too upset, seeing as I still needed to do my taxes and I really, really trying to save some money.  Before that I thought I would pop down to Walmart to pick up some dog food.  Yes, I said Walmart.  I did some price sourcing for their plants and Terra cotta pots, when I stumbled across some succulents that been spray painted.  Have you ever seen this before?  Painted plants?  Does this not kill the plant?

They were very colorful but seemed like plant cruelty.  Not my thing.

So after my little shopping trip I was still in a procrastinating mood so I sat down to watch Game of Thrones, yeah the Purple Wedding episode, and a new episode of Bob's Burgers, and the new The Bletchley Circle episode.  Suffice it to say, I did not watch MTV or Mad Men because I have long since stopped caring but I DID make it a point to see the newest Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer which showed a sneak peek at the new version of Master Splinter.

 A Fu Manchu ??? He's supposed to be Japanese.

You know those Bounty Paper towel commercials?  Where the mom uses Bounty and another off-brand paper towel to wash a pile of grapes or whatever, suspending them over the kitchen sink?  That wet paper towel, straining under the weight, is my suspension of disbelief, like right before this trailer ever happened.  

I don't remember the pool balls, I somehow remember them being grapes, probably because it makes more sense.

I can somehow believe in man-sized turtles, I can handle a white Shredder, I can believe that turtles can be taught ninjitsu.  What ruins it for me?  What makes my paper towel collapse in the middle in a jagged hole?  Splinter wearing a FU MANCHU BEARD!  There is no plausible reason why this should exist.  Plus his character will be voiced by Tony Shalhoub, yep the nebbish guy from Monk.  Tony Shalhoub is an amazing actor, but Splinter he is not.  That rat already looks like Ben Kingsley's the Mandarin character so why not add him to the cast?

Now it's just curtains for me.  I have zero desire.  My anticipation has been sucked out of me faster than a crawdad at a crawfish boil.  I hate this movie already.

So how was your weekend?  Awkward transition, I know.  Drop me a line in the comments!



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