Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fear of Missing Out

Last weekend, yes Easter Weekend of all things, I was experiencing some FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out.  There were so many free activities I had planned after a particularly stressful work week.  The was the free Late Night at the Dallas Museum Art on Friday night, the Dallas Etsy Spring Bash outdoor market Saturday morning, and of course Record Store Day with food, festivities and music all day at several shops in Dallas and Fort Worth.  There was also the grand opening of Melt Ice Creams Saturday night in Fort Worth.


I really needed to mow my backyard.  And sleep in some.

After the work week I was ready to have tons of fun but my backyard was severely overgrown with weeds, tall thick dandelion stalks, home to a million plus mosquitos.  I also couldn’t wake up before nine, instead awaking at 11:30 am, rubbing my eyes in a weird foggy daze.

Shit, I thought.

Now I was going to have to hustle to make the Etsy Spring Bash.  As I slowly awoke over a cup of coffee, I noticed my dog, Lil Mama, had virtually vanished behind a huge patch of weeds.  I had been given a notification by the city the spring before, telling me my lawn was overgrown and I would be fined if it was not taken care of.  I didn’t want that to happen again.  My dog, a blue heeler-lab mix, was an outdoor dog and loved lying out in the sun all day.

But I didn’t want to miss all the awesome activities! 

I wanted, nay NEEDED to go out and meet cool people because A – I have never had a boyfriend in my entire LIFE, B – I wanted to make new friends with stranger, which is generally easy for me and C – my bestest friends in the world are always working during the weekends.  Plus I wanted to get tips for my own Etsy shop!  This would help my love life, my social life and my business!

After I agonized a few minutes, I was like, fuck it.  You know what?  Just fuck it.  So I would miss out on some really awesome stuff.  Who cares?  There was a reason I couldn’t wake up early, because I need rest.  And now my dog needs me, and my home needs me.  We are the people we are, not because of the same concert everyone went to, or the same party everyone attended, but because of our differences.  Because of the DIFFERENT choices we each make.

So I mowed my lawn. 

All of this.....

Not that I did a great job but it got done.

As soon as I was done, Lil’ Mama flopped on her back, rubbing her fur into the newly shorn yard.  I took a shower, and made some guacamole and a grapefruit gin and tonic.  Then lay on the couch reading a book.  It was heaven.

I bet those activities didn't have fresh guac.

See no one ever brags about mowing their lawn on Facebook or posting it on their blog.  We are lead to believe we are missing out by living our own lives.  I feel lazy for not coming up with brilliant DIY ideas on a regular basis.  I feel jealous for not being a wonderful baker or a clean living cooks.  I love to take photographs whenever I go on a trip but it's not nearly enough to sustain two posts a week.

Never fear missing out, what you are gaining is a sense of self and nothing, not even a blog, can give you that.


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