Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - BeckFest

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Hello again.  Look I know I wrote about the Fear Of Missing Out on my last post, and I hate to be a hypocritical jerk but………………………………….

I went to see Beck at Edgefest this past Saturday.  Edgefest is held in the major burbs each year, Frisco, Texas to be exact, and typically showcases artists playing on Alternative Rock radio.  Not quite the eclectic artists you can find on NPR, College Radio Stations and various, various music festivals but more like half Foster the People, half Stained. More commercial music but the trend lately has been getting more and more into offering indie folk music like the Lumineers and pop like Lorde.  I ain’t got a problem with this.  It’s more music that I actually like. 


This past 24th installment of Edgefest was headlined by his Beck-ness, Beck and included the Avett Brothers, Bastille, Grouplove, Chvrches, The Neighborhood, Kongos and Bear Hands.  They also had Cage the Elephant and Switchfoot, I guess to keep true to its alternative rock roots but whatever.  It’s not my personal favorite type of music but I guess they wanted to keep original fan base happy.  Even though the concert venue was formally named Pizza Hut Park and the event was sponsored by a Vapor Shop, you know, timeless cornerstones of the early 22nd Century. (Insert eye roll here)

Prior to the past Saturday I have seen my most favorite musical act of all time play exactly one time.  So I had to get my ticket to see Beck.  He played for only an hour and I swear time never moved so fast.  He did a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” that was highlight.  I know some people hate mash ups and blame the youth culture but this was literally, the ONLY good thing about Glee.  And don’t hate b/c covers and mash-ups are amazing.  Like when you find an awesome prize for once in a Cracker Jack box.  (Does anyone ever eat Cracker Jack anymore?)

Beck Setlist
  1. Devil's Haircut
  2. Loser
  3. Black Tambourine
  4. One Foot in the Grave
  5. Think I'm in Love
  6. Blue Moon
  7. Lost Cause
  8. Soldier Jane
  9. Girl
  10. Sissyneck/ Billie Jean cover
  11. Debra
  12. E-Pro
  13. Where It's At

 But Marg, what about the other bands?  I gotcha you covered, homie.

The Neighborhood rocked my face and played two new tracks from their upcoming albums, which I assure you is coming along swell.  Grouplove did an amazing cover of Beyonce’s Drunk in Love, and was followed by Bastille covering This Is the Rhythm of the Night.  The Avett Brothers and Chvrches were……..just not my jam…………….I don’t why.  I get what is appealing about both but Avett I’m always comparing to Mumford and Sons and Chvrches to the xx.  They don’t even play the exact same music but I’m dumb like that soooooo sorry.

My new musical discovery though?  Kongos. 

They are a group of brothers that grew up in South Africa.  Their music is a little Black Keys, a little Gogol Bordello, and tiny pinch of Daft Punk synthesizers.  Ya’ll should check it out. (It’s worth it)



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