Thursday, April 10, 2014

Decor Ideas for Hosting an Easter Lunch

Easter never gets all the hype the Christmas does, but it should.  I mean not just for religious reasons but because Easter coincides with a beautiful season, Spring.  I remember hunting for Easter Eggs as a child with my two younger sisters.  My mom would hide them around the house.  My younger sister S would tear around the house, showing no mercy, grabbing every egg in sight.  My mom still hides one egg in my sister’s home in Indianapolis.  Picks the hardest place she can find, just so my sister can still experience the thrill of the hunt.  

My mom still hides eggs around the house for me and my youngest sister T, now both grown adults.  She hides them inside of light fixtures, underneath furniture, buried under a bowl of fruit.  She’s pretty crafty, my mom.

Pretty much my mom and step dad the night before....."hahaha, they'll never find the egg in here".  Source

When my dad remarried, we used to spend Easters with him and my stepmothers' family, gathering for a huge outdoor picnic.  Both my parents were cradle Catholics, and raised me and my sisters the same way.  We never got out of going to church, it was the one thread that held both sides of my mom’s family and dad’s family together, but at the picnics we were too old to hunt Easter Eggs.  Instead we took turns donning an Easter Bunny suit for the younger kids. 

Similar to a sports mascot, the suit zipped up the back, covering you in a coat of synthetic fur, and the mask was an over sized bunny head, with two tiny holes for the eyes.  The nose of the bunny was so over sized, you couldn't look down to see where you were going.  I quickly realized why Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland always did that creepy, head patting motion at Disneyland. 

This was me....."oh where are you, screaming child?  For I cannot SEE!" Source  

It’s because you literally cannot see small children in that suit.  You have to pet their heads to find out where they are.  You’ll just feel something hug you suddenly at like knee level but you cannot see where the child is.

Aside from Easter Egg Hunts or Easter Bunny suits this year I want to celebrate by hosting an Easter lunch at my house.

As always I turn to Pinterest for some fresh inspiration, whenever I get too discouraged by all the cookie cutter holiday decor out there.

Here are my picks for the table setting.

Table Runner

I was looking for some type of alternative to the traditional pastel colored table runner and thought this cute version made from burlap would be really simple to do.  You can make the little bunny tails with white pom poms and I like how it doesn’t absolutely scream EASTER.


Place Card Settings

You do a two in one, using little planted succulents as a place card setting and take home gift favor. Yes, succulents are everywhere, I know, so why not add them to Easter?  I love the inclusion of the pink aquarium gravel you can get at any pet store to make it more seasonal looking.  I know the succulents and mini terracotta pots are some of the cheapest things to buy at a hardware store.  How cute with this be, with a little name card propped up against it?



For centerpieces, I usually see the standard pastel colored eggs in a plastic or wood basket.  It’s not too bad but I was looking for something unusual and cheap.  Always what’s cheapest.  I love this combination of glittery eggs and simple carnations thrown together in a white bowl.  I really like how the colors pop against the white and how the glitter adds an extra layer of texture.  Low cost, inventive and easy to make, what’s not to love?


Party Favors for the Kids

This year I want to invite my two twin kid sisters as well.  They will almost be 11 this year, but hopefully that’s not too old to be into these adorable DIY Bunny Ears.  You can make several pairs with colored construction paper and colored tissue paper, just glue to a cheap headband and voila!  I will totally make some for the adults as well.  Instagram will be all like blowing up with the photo ops these bunny ears will provide.


Household Décor

I do usually sprinkle my seasonal décor throughout my living room and dining room to set the tone.  While I’m not all that crazy about a ton of pastel colors, I think I can live with a little pastel, especially when juxtaposed with neon colors.


Source - A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

How cute are those neon branches?  These would be super easy to scatter artfully along my bookshelf or in a glass vase on my coffee table.  The garland, while pastel, seems doable to me, especially if you keep around a lot of yarn, like I do.  I like the pastel colored yarn balls, giant pom-poms, and the tiny birdhouses you can find at most craft stores for a dollar a pop.  While I don’t have a fireplace or even a mantel I can picture a garland like this adorning my side table, or *ahem* even my bar cart.  

So what you are guys looking forward to for the Easter holidays?  I personally gave up pizza for Lent and have been daydreaming about the greasiest slice for almost six weeks now.  What traditions does your family have?

Drop me a line in the comments!  I want to know!



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