Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Music is My Boyfriend

Man, this past weekend we had beautiful weather in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.  As such, I was at the Suburbia Music Festival both Saturday and Sunday.

The newly minted Suburbia Fest, is a two day outdoor music festival located 20 minutes north of Dallas, in Plano, TX.  The suburbs, hence the name.  This was the first year for the brandy new fest and brought local and national acts, like Alabama Shakes and David Guetta.

Surfer Blood

I grew up next door in Allen, TX.  The suburbs make up the majority of the DFW area.  Yeah there are some hardcore Dallas and Fort Worth city residents that make snide comments about the ‘burbs like any city, anywhere in the US but I’m living proof that the ‘burbs turn out some pretty awesome, pretty chill, pretty interesting people as well.  People move to the suburbs to raise children in bigger homes and better schools, and that’s not something to be snide about.

See? Just as many hipster tattoos in the 'burbs. Only more Christian-themed and less exotic.

Plano still kind of has that reputation for being the land of soccer moms, like most suburbs do.  So it was really frickin’ tight to see Plano step up and welcome a festival with open arms that featured rappers like J. Cole and Yelawolf, to drop copious f-bombs in a beautiful park on warm spring day.  The City of Plano didn’t sanitize or censor any of the acts, for the sake of appeasing to its residents.  Because you know what?  People from the suburbs go to music fests allllll the time!  We are the ones loading up the SUVs to travel to Austin twice a year to see the Austin City Limits Music Festival in October and Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.  So it was nice to have something of our own.  Well done, Plano.


My favorite acts were actually the folk music acts, Midlake, The Wild Feathers, Shakey Graves.  I pumped my fist to the electronic acts like Big Gigantic, GTA and David Guetta.  Rock the Jewels and Yelawolf got the crowds dancing.  I liked the fact that Killer Mike gave a shout out to a chubby little pre-teen boy in a pink polo in the front row.  I had seen him earlier, trailing behind his teenage sister and her boyfriend.  Her hair was glossy and straight, her body effortlessly thin and donning the perfect cut-off shorts.  Meanwhile her brother was struggling to keep up, a little pudgy and out of breath.  His sister oblivious, obviously trying to keep the distance between them.  I gently smiled and shook my head, “poor kid”. 


Goddamn it Shakey Graves, you're just....too cool for school, man...I can't even.....

Run the Jewels - Killer Mike and El-P

This kid never cared though.  He made it to the front row of the Run the Jewels show and rocked his little heart out, getting recognition from the man himself, Killer Mike.  This is what I like about the suburbs, it can be kinder and gentler than the big cities but we still wanna rock our little hearts out!  

Yeah, it's blurry as hell but it's David Guetta

He then exploded.....................just kidding

So what did you do over the weekend?  Any big concert plans once the weather warms up by you?



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