Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to have the Best Memorial Day Cookout Evah!

Greetings!  I did not realize that Memorial Day was fast approaching us, here in the US.  (Yes, I'm gonna pretend my humble blog attracts readers from all over the globe)  I know people usually are saddened to learn that Americans do not typically celebrate the first of May, or May Day, as is celebrated in many other countries.  I guess Memorial Day is the closest thing we have, since it still technically occurs in May and honors all the the men and women who died in the US Armed Forces, serving the country.

As I have tweeted before, most American holidays that do not include the exchange of presents or candy usually is celebrated by day drinking.  I don't know why, though sometimes the only thing that gets me through Thanksgiving with the relatives is glass of white wine shortly after breakfast.

I'm kidding Mama!

For Memorial Day everyone loves a good cookout, myself included.  So I've been spending time on Pinterest collecting ideas on how to through the best Memorial Day cookout, ever, in my humble little backyard.

First up?  Dranks!!  (Thas' was'up!)


I like the idea of providing mixed drinks and beer.  A non-alcoholic version of this watermelon punch sounds fruity and delicious for the kiddos and responsible adults.

Watermelon Punch Recipe

Pre-mixing cocktails and storing them in mason jar on ice would be a good way for guests to simply grab and enjoy, no necessary trips indoors.


Of course there is always beer at my cookout but I always wonder if there's a better way to display them, rather than sticking them in a cheap Styrofoam cooler.  I mean a kiddie pool isn't exactly high-class either but it puts all the delicious beer on display, whereas with the coolers the beers always seem hidden from view.




For food there is the classic standby of hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.  I want to take it a step further and make bacon wrapped hot dogs this year because you know it really isn't a true celebration unless bacon is involved.  (Apologies to my vegan and/or international friends).  You don't even need a grill, just make them in the oven.

Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs Recipe
For sides, I love this version of the potato salad my mom usually makes.  It foregoes mayo and uses Italian dressing or oil/vinegar.  No mayo recipes are golden when your party takes place outdoors.

I'd also include a little bit of Mexican heritage and add an elotes bar.  Boiled or roasted corn topped with a little butter, cheese and/or mayo?  What's not to love?  

Elotes Bar Recipe
Save me some of that corn!


I really wouldn't try to decorate my backyard in anticipation of a cookout, except to put up as many hammocks as I could.  Pretty much everyone goes for an outdoor hammock, no matter the event.

DIY Hammock Instructions

How cool is this group hammock made from a trampoline?  Probably best for the kiddos, huh?  I can imagine my twin kid sisters hopping on, making room for me, and then me breaking the damn thing still looks fun!



You have to have ice cream.  It's summer, it's warm, it's just what has to be done.  I'm truly sorry if you are lactose intolerant, there are some pretty yummy fruit pops around though.  I would totally build this little ice cream front from some spare cardboard and have the kids run the shop.  Not that I have kids.  I'm unmarried but you know, the neighborhood kids. 


Adults can come up while the kids make their sundae order or  hand them a store-bought popsicle. My 8 year old self would have been alllll over this!  I used to help scoop ice cream at day care for the younger kids afternoon snack.  I could make the perfect lil' scoop.  I'd be like, "I got this Teach!". Ahhh memories, for Memorial Day.

What ridiculously awesome plans do you have going on?  Seriously, even sleeping in and eating instant ramen sounds appealing to me.  NO WORK, WOOHOO!


  1. Two words: WATERMELON PUNCH! Must make ASAP!

    P.S. Have you had the chili ramen? It's one of the only vegetarian-friendly ones. Soo yummy. :] // ☼

    1. Wut? Chili ramen? Oooh, must try. The cashier at the store usually laugh and ask me what creamy chicken is.

  2. Sounds like you're going to have an amazing memorial day - those watermelon drinks sound lush and that italian potato salad sounds guuuuud. Here in the UK there's a bank holiday on monday but I fear I may spend most of it nursing a hangover, still, no work though which is always a bonus!