Friday, October 18, 2013

Cronuts Fo' Sho' nuts

Some days when I'm not even expecting it, I'll have something wonderful and magical happen.  Kind of like when you find a $50 bill in the middle of an empty parking lot at the airport.  That absolutely happened to me once.  I was so upset I woke up almost too late to catch a flight that I was muttering, nearly in tears, with my head down when I spotted it.  It was almost like sign a from God, "cheer up Mags!  I promise your day will get better."

On this particular day I went for lunch at a bakery- bistro close to my work in Grapevine, TX.
They have scary good bread! Hahahaha!
I saw that they had cronuts!  We are not close to New York or LA, mmkay?  They had cronuts here!  In Texas!

Mmmm, chocolate drizzle fo'shizzle. 
For lunch, I ordered the roast chicken brie panini with the goat cheese salad and A CRONUT.

The panini had a cranberry relish and the salad was bananas with arugula, marinated strawberries, orange segments, dotted with goat cheese, tossed with a simple dressing of oil, salt and pepper, then topped with chili-spiced pecans.  Easily the best lunch I've had all year!

The cronut was halved and stuffed with some type of Bavarian cream, then topped with caramel and chocolate.  Flaky, crunchy, crispy and soft on the inside, these were seemingly made from magical clouds and essence of rainbows.

Yeah, some days just get good.  Anyone have the opportunity to try a cronut or the ramen noodle burger?  Let me know.

Later my ninjas!



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