Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Index Fest '13 Wrap-Up

Hola Amigos.  Reporting to you live from....actually reporting to you after spending last Saturday night at the Index Music Festival in Deep Ellum neighborhood in Dallas, TX.

In the cit-ay!
I saw the headliner Girl Talk, bands P.O.S., Warpaint, Sarah JaffeYear of the Bear, and Dark Rooms.

Girl Talk with onstage antics borrowed from The Flaming Lips
Girl Talk was appropriately hyper-fun party times for approximately twelve hot minutes.  Then that shit got really old and I had to leave the crowd to get a beer or salvage more brain cells.  I was not drunk enough to stomach more pop-culture mash-ups created with the subtlety or skill of soccer mom tearing up the road in a McSUV.
Dark Rooms performing at trees.
Dark Rooms pretty much broke my Saturday, such that I couldn't put the pieces back together the way it used to fit.  Like my ears had been baptized with a strange, wild, yet harmonious and dreamy sound.  I highly recommend ya'll check this out.

Dark Rooms cover art
I had no idea Daniel Hart is the lead singer of Dark Rooms, because I guess I was just too old to stay up to watch Daniel Hart perform in Dallas and Denton.  Thus missing his act multiple times and never knowing what he looked like.  Because not only am I old, I am also not hip enough to look him up online.

Daniel Hart, is a local musician who plays the violin and sings with a magical, ethereal, crazy, magnetic ability. Plus his haircut and facial hair tend to change, so you can never really truly identify him until he holds court with his violin center stage.
Image Source

Yep, this is the same guy.  Image Source

I really enjoyed seeing band members from the local bands checking out acts and remaining totally accessible.  Sarah Jaffe, Son of Stan's Jordan Richardson, and members from Pageantry were totally hanging out in the clubs catching shows.

Year of the Bear


So what shows do ya'll like to catch?  Any music festivals near and dear to your hearts.

Drop me a line.  I'd like to know.

Later, amigos!



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