Saturday, October 12, 2013

DIY Fancy Styrofoam Shelves

The one item in my house that gets the most comments from friends are my Styrofoam shelves in the living room.  I was originally inspired by this Apartment Therapy post.

Image Source - JJ San

I really liked the interesting forms Styrofoam packaging comes in and thought white Styrofoam would pop against dark walls. So I took the Styrofoam pieces that encased my new TV and burrowed the backs into some regular nails in the wall. You could also use wall adhesive tabs for apartments or dorm rooms.

I hung up four in a row to offset the white bookcase on the other side of my tv.  I like to use mine to display little Lego creations and vinyl collector toys.

I was a little worried my mom would hate them since she is pretty vigilant against any type of clutter.  I was sure she would walk through the door and ask why I had trash nailed to the wall but she actually thought they were clever.  Of course it's not her style but she agreed they were very me. 

So what do ya'll think?  Cool concept or hot mess?  Have you ever brought something home that may have been trash to someone else?

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