Friday, December 20, 2013

Sad Christmas
Every once in a while, I think the nation needs to has a quiet, contemplative, low-key Christmas and I think it’s happening this year.  Last year was on track to be Merry and Bright and then Sandy Hook Elementary happened.  Shook us, as a nation, to the core.  A quiet burn in our hearts and mind.

This tragedy cannot, will not be forgotten.  Its long-reaching shadow reaches for subsequent holidays.  We are still healing.

This December, much of the nation saw an ice and snow storm that kept us house-bound for a few days.  The very tail end caught us here in North Texas.  Ice covered our overpasses and highways, ill –constructed for any type of winter weather.  I got three days of from work. During that time there was no shopping, no putting up Christmas lights outdoors, and no holiday parties.  And it seemed to strip the holidays to the core.  Home-bound with a cup of soup, alone in your house or apartment.  Thinking about the family and friends you’d eventually reunite with.

I was very productive on Instagram during this time.

After the “icepocalypse” or “Ice Force One” (as it was coined), Christmas wasn’t the same.  We didn’t need to spend more, decorate more, party more to catch up.  We were just grateful to have survived the icy roads.  That most of us we not trapped in our cars for 30 hours or more.

It’s about the small things this year.

Going to lunch with a friend.  Talking and laughing with your grandparents on the phone.  A hug at the right time, in the right place.

Enjoy - 100 Warm Hugs in Movies



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