Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let's Decorate!

I live in Texas and occasionally we will have snow days or bad weather days due to ice storms.  I've been at home since last Thursday due to the ice storm that makes much of our roads unsafe.  Last night I decided it was time to decorate for Christmas.

I didn't do it the first few days of December because our weather was unbearably warm, topping at 80 degrees for the high.  This weekend I tried to start decorating as I was catching up on the Walking Dead.  Big mistake, homies!  That show will kill ALL your warm and fuzzies for approximately 48 hours.

Last night felt finally right.  So I dragged all my decorations from the attic to start.

I put on Cee Lo's Christmas Album and Zooey's Christmas Album to set the mood, 'cause that's just how I roll, and lit some gingerbread/baked pear/cranberry/magical mermaid tears candles.

I usually have a theme each year that I strive for.  Last year it was Classic Christmas, and I scoured some local antique and thrift store for vintage ornaments and flocked vintage reindeer.  I also bought some black and white ornaments in anticipation of this year's Christmas, which I had planned to be a Black Swan Christmas, in black and white. 

But that movie is hella crazy and so this year I just decided to pull out everything.  Go with a everything but the kitchen sink approach.

I have neon colors, right up against homemade ornaments, right near classic Christmas, right near wooden reindeer.  There is no theme but hopefully you'll come away with some inspiration.

How are your decorations coming?  Tell me!  I wanna know!

Later my ninjas,


  1. Everything looks awesome! I love the ornaments and snowflakes hanging from the light fixture. My decorations are kind of minimal, but they do include a pink Christmas tree so I think it makes up for it, haha!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

    1. Oh a pink tree is just so you! I'm on the lookout for a white or red one when Christmas stuff goes on clearance.

  2. oh, i love how you decorated! i love the ornaments hanging from the lighting fixture! so create.

    lindsey louise