Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Cards - Yay or Nay?

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I still love getting Christmas cards in the mail.  As a kid, my folks would receive cards from family, friends and acquaintances around the country.  My mom would hang a giant, long velvet ribbon from the top of the stairs and staple the cards in descending order.  The closer to Christmas, the more cards would appear.

My mom is also a big proponent of the yearly newsletter, which always accompanies her card.  She’ll call me early December to do a mini-interview.  She’ll ask about my achievements in work or on my house.  Asks for an update on her grand-dog, Lil’ Mama.  This year’s newsletter will be extra special as the first grandbaby arrived in July.  My little nephew is super-sweet and smiles ALL the time.

I like to send out my own handmade Christmas cards.  I would LOVE to send letter-pressed cuties like these but alas, I’m not made of money.

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My designs are usually very basic, I just print them off on regular cardstock, postcard size.  Then I try to find some really cheap colored envelopes to match my card size.  Rummaging through the marked-down stationary packs at Target.

Last year’s design featured a Christmas themed Lucha Libre, wrestler.  It made perfect sense to me.  I spent a fair amount of time using Microsoft Paint.

Merry Christmas, Baby!

This year I wanted to work on my drawing skills, which continue to be very cartoonish but tolerable.  I wanted a “Pretty” themed card, in pink and gold.  My inspiration came from this vintage card. 

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I couldn't find any light pink card stock sold by the sheet at OfficeMax or whatever, so I just manipulated my drawing to look light purplish-pink.  I’m printing a few out and going over the lettering with a gold gel ink pen. 

What are you going to send out?  Actual cards? E-cards?  A Christmas text?

Let me know.


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