Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Have the Best NYE Ever!

Hey homies!  Getting excited for New Years' Eve, like I am?  I wanted to put together a how-to-guide for those of you braving the elements to celebrate with your friends or your significant other.  Just remember to be safe and have fun!

Step One - Assemble Your Team, Set Up Home Base

So gather your friends to make a party, don't expect a huge crowd.  NYE is notoriously hard for getting people and especially couples to get out and join you.  Keep it small, no more than 4 people and you will be able to move around more smoothly.  Also don't worry if its just you and your best friend.  I've had plenty of awesome NYEs with my bestie.

Set up a Home Base at someone's place or apartment.  A central location everyone can meet up at.  While you wait for others to arrive, make party crowns with colorful pipe cleaners! 


Or you could get some cute little cat ears. Source

They have similar ones at Forever 21. Source

Step Two - Primp Girl!

I know one of the more stressful decisions is what to wear but I would recommend picking anything sparkly or black leather.  Outside of those options you could really wear anything with SUPER SPARKLY nails and pretty FALSE LASHES.  Seriously they will get you a superglam look that no outfit could really give you.



Step Three - Start Your Engines

As your friends arrive, get the party started with a pink champagne toast.  Pink champagne is usually a light, fruity muscato wine and perfect for your typical non-wine drinkers.  Just be responsible and keep it to one toast only, this way you get your champagne fix early on and are not scrambling at midnight for a taste of the bubbly stuff. 



Decide if group is meeting up for dinner or for some light snacks.  If you want to eat out designate your driver and head for your favorite fast food place.  I wouldn't try to eat somewhere fancy as NYE will be waaaay overcrowded and overpriced.  That hip new Thai place downtown?  Yeah, that's where everyone will be.  Ditto for TGIFs and the like.  Plus it's fun to eat Wendy's in your fancy clothes and will be one of the best photo ops for the night.

If you prefer, you can also provide little snacks and appetizers instead.  There are so many tasty, healthy, non-gluten, dairy free recipes all over Pinterest.  As a kid, the thing I remember the most about NYE was the fancy appetizers the adults would eat, especially the little cocktail weenies in barbeque sauce.

OMG - White Pizza Dip.  Recipe Here

Recipe Here



Step Four - The Big Event

After you get some food in you, head out to the Big Event, whether that is watching the ball drop from downtown, hanging out at your local bar, catching a live show, or even just visiting a local landmark lit up with night-time lights.  Be sure to bring some pretty foldable flats in case you find your heels are hurting and some sparklers if you will be outdoors in a non-crowded area.



Bust out the sparklers at midnight.  It's sooo much better than trying to kiss a random stranger.  Be careful to follow your local laws and ordinances though.  Sparklers are awesome, fines and penalties are not.

Step Five - Return of Jedi Level Partiers

Head back to Home Base on the early side, to wind out down for the night.  I know staying out til the wee hours can be fun but not on this night.  Everyone would normally doesn't party will be overdoing it and getting home late can be mucho unsafe.  Call it early and head back for some more post-partying in the comfort of someone's place.  Then you can bring out the party favors - chocolate covered strawberries!

Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Recipe

Again, you can find recipes all over Ye Olde Pinterest.

Step Six -  Back for More

Make sure that your you and your friends get home safely or stay the night with each other.  Again don't worry about staying up all night, you'll want to get a head start New Year's Day for brunch or my favorite, Dim Sum!! Or if you have overnight guests pop in a tray of cinnamon rolls in the morning.


Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls - Recipe

You'll laugh, fill your bellies with delicious food and reminisce about last night's epic NYE.

Enjoy my ninjas!


  1. All good advice. I am in love with those white pearl kitty ears!

    1. Me too! If only I can figure out more events to wear them to.

  2. those kitty ears are adorable. Hope you had a happy new years

  3. Great tips! I'm dying over those nails and all the food looks amazing. I hope you had a wonderful new year's!

    Becca || Ladyface Blog