Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Grapevine, TX - The Christmas Capital of Texas

Umm, yeah. 
Hello lovelies.  And dudes too.  I’m not trying to exclude.  I work in an office not far from the Dallas Fort Worth airport in a little town called Grapevine.  Grapevine is known for their charming Main Street area which is bustling full of wine shops, antique stores, boutique shops, restaurants, bakeries, a working train station and even a jewelry store that used to be a bank, which supposedly the real Bonnie & Clyde had robbed back in the day.  They like to have tons of parades and festivals, mostly centered on the various wineries that reside Grapevine.  But they like Christmas too.  LOVE Christmas.

They really just mean the Christmas season, obvs.

On my lunch break, I decide to walk down Main Street to view the decorations being put together for the upcoming Christmas Parade of Lights and share some of the décor ideas I come across.  Here we go.
Hot pink and orange.  Barbie would totes be having an "O" Face.

I'm really liking the red, white, and blue theme.  It's a little patriotic but not too obvious with the turquoise and silver ornaments added for some variety.

Santa likes it...I think.  He is one damn, ambiguous, mother-ucker.
Next up are the traditional Texas trees (I guess?).  I wasn't aware Texas has traditional themes but they were set up around a historically preserved log cabin off of Main Street so I guess they fit the theme for Texas Pioneer Christmas.
Hey, hay...
They remind me of Ikea Christmas, with all the natural elements.
My favorite Pioneer tree had an unusual color theme of chartreuse and rust.  Basically a pea green and burnt orange but it worked so well together with a bit of burlap and white for the neutral element.

Werking it.
Grapevine has a few wineries and thus a good number of little wine bars, wine shops, or if you like wine sinks.  The Tap In is special because it is actually a pub and grill but when in Grapevine...you...uh...you still serve wine. (In case I did not make that clear.)

The Tap In tree had these super cute little ornaments made from wine corks.   Ribbons were glued to the back to make wings, and they used sequined craft balls for the heads.

Toward the end of the street I spied, this ENORMOUS, FUCKING, RED REINDEER!

This is how you make a statement.
S'up fools.

I don't know if you all can grasp the scale of this thing but... IT. WAS. GIANT.  And it had lights.  I'm going to go back at night.  You could probably see this sucker out of your airplane window if you are flying into DFW in December.

I did take one picture inside the shops.  It's generally frowned upon but I was super fast like a fat ninja.  My speed surprises people all the time.  I had to capture this fab candy chandelier.  At first I thought it would be perfect in a kids room, but now I realize that would be incredibly cruel.

You can look but DON'T TOUCH!
Here is some more cuteness that is not really my personal style but I wanted to represent Grapevine accurately.
Holy Grounds, it's a Christian Book Store that sells coffee by the pound.  Really!
Anthropomorphic reindeer.  It's a thing.

Charlie Brown has a party in his pants.  Actually it's just some lights peeking out.
So what about you guys?  Are you excited to start your holiday decorating or have you already finished?  What themes are you going for?  Tell me, I wanna know!  Hopefully I'll have more pictures of the decorations in Grapevine to post later this week.  This was only half the street!

Peace, love and ninjas.


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