Thursday, October 9, 2014

SugarSkull Industries Turns One Year!

Hola my friends!  I'm super proud to announce the one year anniversary of the blog!

We made it!!!!! Commence with the champagne bottles popping, cupcake baking, nacho making.....making out? All the ways people like to celebrate.

One year in, and I've learned a few things.

1. Inspiration comes and goes.  Sometimes you won't know to blog about and then sometimes you can come up with three ideas just eating a weirdly shaped apple at lunch.  Just hang in there and ride the waves.

2.  DIYs are painful but priceless.  DIY projects take the most preparation, the most money, the most time and the most resources but they are worth it.  A new or creative DIY will serve as an opening hook, a way for people to find your blog in the first place.  Then they will stay if they like your writing or your posts.  I've done at total of 6 DIYs, and three of them, posted last year, still bring in the most traffic.

3.  Experiment!  This is your space.  Do what you want.  Experimentation can lead to a lot of great, interesting things.  Change layouts.  Add widgets.

4.  Your personal experiences are also worth more than you know.  In the beginning I shied away from revealing my personal life, because all generations born after the 80's are warned about cyber stalking and stuff like that.  However, all humans love to connect.  No man is an island, we are built for human interaction and it helps when we can identify with the author.  Will you get some judgmental comments? Occasionally, but the good always outweigh the bad.

5.  Some really cool people all over the world are blogging and if you've ever had the inkling to give it a try.  DO IT!  Do it now!  It lets you learn about yourself, marketing, copy-writing, communications, and photography.  Even if you do for three months you can totally put it on your resume.  It gives you knowledge and knowledge is power!

Hang in there with me in this crazy, pirate ship of a blog!  I'm working on some new seasonal DIY projects and a line of rustic Christmas wreath ornaments.

Thank you all for reading!  I've learned so much and can't wait to share more!

As always, comment to your little heart's content!  What have you learned reading or writing blogs?


  1. Happy one year! :D

    I completely agree with all of these. My favourite things about blogs are the DIYs and personal posts, oh and lists, I love a good list ;) Looking forward to your DIYs. One year I'm going to make a wreath, they're so pretty and festive, I just never know where to start!

    Aw, thanks for the link btw :)

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary - keep it up! xo