Monday, October 13, 2014

State Fair of Texas - Return of the Fried Foods

Hello there!  Just before celebrating the one year anniversary of the blog, I went to the annual State Fair of Texas, one of the biggest, loudest, craziest state fairs in the country.  I actually went twice.  Once with my friends around dusk (pictured above) and just this last weekend, during the day with my family.
I took a bunch of photos in an attempt to capture all the sights, smells and tastes of the fair.

Plush donut prizes at the Midway.....sooo wanted one of these for no reason at all.

Funnel cake flavored ale.  Didn't quite taste like funnel cake but was rimmed in powdered sugar.

There are so many authentic Art Deco buildings in Fair Park, sometimes you wonder if you stumbled onto a Gotham City set.

Fried Sweet Texas.  Basically a fried peach dumpling.

On my second trip I went this past Friday with family from out of town.  This time our sights were set on some lovable livestock and the fabled Craft Beer tent.

Again, all the expo building have beautiful painted designs depicting Texas history.  This is inspired by the Mexican influence.

This rooster represents the French influence in Texas.

Oh shit ya'll.  This deep fried grilled cheese sandwich with cold tomato soup dipping sauce was the the best!!

We found the Craft Beer Tent!  And my cute grandma in the background.

More beautiful architectural interest.

The fair had some of the largest and prettiest chickens you have ever seen.  This one was my favorite.

Live music.

Tornado taters.  A spiral cut potato, fried and covered in nacho cheese and ketchup.

Turkey legs!

Now for the petting zoo.

Oh man, naps are the best.

This llama is so over it.  Whatever "it" is.

If you ever find yourself in the Dallas area in October, I definitely recommend coming out to the Fair.  It's pretty much Dallas' version of Christmas. What local fairs or festivals are you heading out for?

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  1. The photo of the grilled cheese and fries made me want to get up and dance :) Enjoy a restful weekend, Marg :)