Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DIY Pretzel Necklaces

In light of North Texas Beer Week, I wanted to provide a simple DIY for pretzel necklaces.  I like to make pretzel necklaces for brewery tours, beer festivals, beer tastings, and Oktoberfest.  Pretzel necklaces really have not caught on here in Dallas-Fort Worth despite our burgeoning craft beer scene.

You can simply string pretzels or go for a interlocking design like the one I made below.

You will need colored yarn, mini pretzels, and scissors.

First, thread the yarn through your pretzel as depicted below.

Next, flip the pretzel and yarn around and thread through another pretzel facing the opposite side from the first pretzel.

Pull the yarn taut so that both pretzels overlap.

Thread through a third pretzel, facing the same way as the first pretzel.

Again pull the yarn taut so that the pretzels overlap.

Continue threading through alternate facing pretzels until you have a completed necklace.

Enjoy!  Prepare for hipsters to politely ask which booth is selling the pretzel necklaces. 

If you find yourself visiting the DFW area I totally recommend local brews,  Revolver's Blood and Honey, made with blood orange zest and local honey, and Martin House's Day Break, modeled after a bowl cereal.

I have yet to get into the Deep Ellum Brewing Company beers or Peticolas Brewing Company but they are next on my list.

And yes, my blue nail polish is the shizz this week.

Later my ninjas.



  1. I really love this! I actually have made several pretzel necklaces and rings out of clay (for myself and for Etsy) because I love the look of pretzels (and because I like weird jewelry). This is such a cute idea!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

    1. Yay!!! My first comment! I actually found your awesome blog from your Etsy shop. I found the pin of your Sprinkles Mustache! Thanks Michelle.

  2. Do you think these would hang nicely too using curling ribbon?

    1. Oh, certainly! The accumulated weight of the pretzels is more than enough.