Thursday, March 12, 2015

Austin Calling


Man, sorry for the infrequent posts.  I can't seem to find extra time these few weeks to catch up on my blog but I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip to Austin with my friend Christina, back in February.  

For those making their way to ATX right now for South By Southwest, I really envy you.  For those who can't make it, please enjoy the following pics.  It'll almost be like you where there.

Sunday, we hit the road, driving from Dallas to Austin and arriving just in time for lunch at a ramen hotspot in North Austin.  Christina has made plans to see some of the museums in the area and we toured the Blanton Museum of Art. We had dinner in a small new place off of South Congress and later headed to the East Side for some cocktails at a cool bar, the King Bee Lounge.

Ramen at Ramen Tatsu-Ya

Art Installation at the entrance to the Blanton Museum of Art on the UT Austin Campus

The installation is titled Stacked Waters by Teresita Fernandez

Amazing art installation by Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles titled  - Missão/Missões [Mission/Missions] (How to Build Cathedrals)

Sculpture titled Progess II by El Paso born artist Luis Jimenez

Chilling with a life-size statue of the Hulk at Austin Books & Comics

Dinner and drinks at the Little Barrel and Brown

The Gin and Jam cocktail at King Bee Lounge on Austin's East Side

Monday, we had free breakfast at the hotel we were staying in Round Rock, just north of Austin.  I wish I could be a brunch person, but honestly I never get my shit together in time.  We headed back to the East Side around lunchtime to try out the breakfast tacos at Juan In A Million and explored the colorful murals around the East Side neighborhoods.  

After lunch we headed to the LBJ Presidential Library that offered free admission for President's Day.  I soaked up so much knowledge, ask me anything about the LBJ administration.  After perusing though my favorite comic book shop ever, we had tacos (again) for dinner before heading home.  Hey, you are not truly experiencing Austin until you've had tacos for 2 out of your 3 square meals a day.

Breakfast taco and bowl of menudo at the beloved Juan In A Million

My friend Christina getting involved with the street art on Austin's East Side.

Me and Christina

LBJ Presidential Library on the UT Austin Campus.

Replica of Lady Bird Johnson's desk.  So Leslie Knop-ish.  I love the CAN DO paperweight.

Last meal in Austin at Fork & Taco


  1. Ah, I wish I was going to SXSW! Austin looks - so colourful and artsy - no wonder it appeals to me! Sounds like a great couple of days. Pretty sure multiple tacos in one day is a very good thing ;)

  2. I've been DYING to go back to Austin! This looks like a fun trip! Your pictures are beautiful! I've been craving a iced turbo from Jo's!!