Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oh Hai

I'm posting again for the first time in four months, and you know what?  I'm not even going to apologize.  Because life happens and it's not even a glamorous life in which so many amazing, exciting opportunities and adventures are going on, that there is simply no time to blog.  It's because work gets busy, or relationships rise and fall, or your inspiration falls flat, because let's face it, I don't live a life worth blogging consistently about on a regular basis.  No one truly does.  Why are there five Kardashian sisters on one show?  Why doesn't Kim or Kendall have their own show?  Because even their lives can't sustain enough footage for a on-going series.

So what the hell have I been up to?  Well, work got busy but we all know how that is.  I've been up to three things, mostly.

1. Online Dating

I've never had a boyfriend but that doesn't stop me from trying to meet guys anyway I can.  I was recently contacted by a guy I went on two dates with last year, a semi-handsome, tall Indian guy who is super-smart and has a tendency to mumble.  I originally broke it off because he was too career-obsessed, he only talked about his job on both dates.  More recent he approached me about dating again so he could get his green card through marriage.  To save his career.  I cut off all communication with that dude but was determined to give on-line dating a try because I'll be damned if green-card guy is going to be the only highlight of my love life this year.

Trying to make some sparks fly, ya'know?
Online dating is so draining.  Imagine going from one job interview to the next on a daily basis.  That shit is hard!  You are judged on your appearance, every text, and even on the time it takes you to respond and that's only if someone is willing to respond back.  Most times you get no responses.  It's kind of like keeping up a blog.  Kudos to whoever can online date and blog at the same time.

2.  New Baby Nephew

Now I didn't spend all my time working on my lack of a love life, I did help my younger sister by flying up to Indianapolis to take care of her now 4-month old for one week while she went back to work part-time as a nurse.  She is seriously one kick-ass mama.  Her oldest just turned two and is super into the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, of which I am a huge fan already.  As is my sis and her husband.  Taking care of the little one during the day and watching and geeking out over Ninja Turtles at night was a great way to get a new perspective and remind me that yes, I'm capable of watching a 9 week old baby by myself.

Swaddle Hero Pro, I knew my burrito making skills would eventually pay off.
And those Luvs Diapers commercials are totally true, with the first born you rarely get to hold the child for more than a few minutes, with the second born the parents are out the door on their way to work and are like, "see you in 8 hours".

3.  Hanging out with my friend before she moved to California

Yep, we've all been there. Having to say goodbye to that one friend that you've become almost inseparable from, so that they can follow their dreams.  In my case I'd had only known my friend Christina for about 2 years.  She moved from New York to Dallas in 2013, we met through my bestie. She was just hanging out by herself at an free market event in the Dallas Design District during the summer.  I had gone with my best friend Libby.  I left Libby sitting on club chair, while I checked out some overpriced bull-shit hipster decor items like a $75 nubby white porcelain cactus planter and when I returned she was talking with and hanging out with this Asian girl and a Caucasian family of four that I had never seen before in my life.  The girl was Christina and after taking her to our favorite gas-station taco spot and driving her back to her downtown apartment, we were all fast friends.

Our last hang-out, Dallas had a temporary waterfront due to the flood rains this summer.
Ever the definition of a free spirit, Christina is now taking sommelier classes in California right now.  She will make the most amazing, friendly, and gorgeous wine expert the world has ever known and I will miss our adventures in Dallas but am looking forward to having many more adventures and following her no matter where she goes.

So tell me, peeps.  How is your day/week/month/year going?  Any new experiences to speak of since I've been gone?

Tell me. :)   I always want to know.



  1. Glad to hear your back! High fives on the blogging break, I've also been a little absent over the last six weeks and its pretty much as you say - been busy but not blog worthy busy :) hope the online dating stuff picks up, that green card guy does not sounds cool at all! Congrats on becoming an aunty again - he's super cute.

    1. Thank you Annie! You are so sweet to always comment on my posts.