Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Let's Decorate for Fall - Easy DIYs

I'm so excited for fall to arrive. Even though I'm on a 3 week restrictive diet (of which I may later blog about), I still can't wait to drown my face in Pumpkin Spice Lattes, fried State Fair festival food, and mugs of Oktoberfest hefeweizen beer.  However, despite my current limitations I can totally decorate for fall without any hesitation.

I don't know if any of you like to scour your local craft store for anything new and interesting like I do, but I have been seeing some cute alternatives to the traditional fall crafts.  Like using raw cotton plants in place of your usual fall foliage, and acorn inspired decor rather than your usual pumpkin theme.   Here are some super easy DIYs to decorate your home with warm, cozy, fall inspired decor.


Acorns are the easiest, cheapest way to making your abode look in season.  Just grab a couple from the nearest oak tree, bake to remove any bugs, and adorn.  

I love this idea of removing the fruit, retaining the acorn cap and replacing with colored polymer clay balls.  The neutral of the acorn cap plays beautifully off the super bright clay colors which you can find at your local craft store.


In addition to the super bright acorn versions, I really like the rustic look of the below napkin rings, made with some leather cord and a wooden bead, glued to the tops of two natural acorns.  This looks really simple to pull off.

Source Yankee Magazine

Raw Cotton

Raw cotton plants are going strong at my local Michael's craft store.  I like the look better than a pile of pumpkins or gourds.  The white and deep brown really play well with shades of blue, like turquoise and cobalt.  

Source - Southern Weddings Magazine

How easy and pretty is a white pitcher full of cotton plants as a centerpiece?  

Source - Style Me Pretty

Easy to Make Garlands

There are a ton of beautiful garlands all over Pinterest.  The prettiest ones usually require some sewing skills or the use of a sewing machine, both of which I have no business messing around with.  However, I found this beginner garland made from some felt scraps, yarns and a regular needle.  This looks about my speed and easy to bang out in an afternoon.

Source - A Beautiful Mess

Poms poms are my jam.  Seriously.  Have a fork, some yarn and scissors?  Let's pom pom!  This Fall Pom Pom garland from Etsy seller GrayDayStudio looks crazy detailed but once you make one pom - pom, you can start experimenting with colors and tied different sized ones into a braid yarn garland. 

Source - GrayDayStudio

Sweater Wreaths

Although I enjoy making yarn and felt wreaths for my Etsy shop, I'm really smitten by these sweater wreaths made by wrapping long strips of thrift store sweaters around a straw wreath base.  These could not be any easier to make and remind all visitors to your home, it's finally sweater weather.

Source - Family Chic From Camilla Fabbri

I love this neutral themed sweater wreath with the additional use of grey yarn and ceramic heart piece.  I don't know how to make ceramic pieces but I'm thinking a wood heart shape purchased at a craft store would work equally well. 

Source - The White Bench - Monica Saballo Gruppo

Cinnamon Sticks

Incorporating cinnamon sticks into your decor is an amazing way to ensure a sweet, comforting scent each time you walk through the door.

Short of opening a Cinnabon location in my home, I don't know of any other way for my place to smell like fresh baked goodies 24/7.  I mean baking all day is not really practical and lord knows you can't be burning Yankee Candles while you are not home.

I'll be hanging these little cinnamon stick ornaments, tied with cute fabric strips and attached to some twine all over my kitchen.

Source - Cosmo Cricket

I'll be sure to wrap a few sticks around my vanilla scented candles as well.

Source - Heather Cameron, Stylist

What fall crafts or DIYs are you guys itching to try?


  1. I am OBSESSED with those colorful acorns!! I thought they were just painted, but using clay is such a clever idea! That picture is going into my future projects ideas folder for sure. xo

    1. Yay!!! Yeah they are really easy to do and so cute.

  2. Liking the acorns a lot but I really love the idea of cotton - it's so pretty! Alas, no chance of cotton anywhere near me.

  3. Great DIY's. I love the acorns :)