Thursday, September 11, 2014

Head West! Trip to El Paso

Whew!  Last week was a blur.  I spent Labor Day weekend going to El Paso, TX with my parents and sister to attend my grandfather's 80 birthday party.  I stayed a few more days while my family returned to work on Tuesday.  I finally got the chance to see more about my birthplace than in all of my visits before.  I know I look white as a lily, but I'm actually half Mexican through my mother's side.  My Hispanic heritage has taught me a few things; an extremely strong work ethic, the impulse to dance and an innate sense of rhythm, and the importance of family.  We can't always get what we want and we all must suffer from time to time, but family, whether actually related or chosen, makes life worth it. 


My grandparents, dancing tenderly to the mariachi music.

Me and my younger sister.  She is the beautiful one on the left.

Aftermath of the birthday and cake.
Oh snap?  White shirts and jeans?  Family reunion photo is imminent.

My aunt's backyard pool.  Despite being plus size, I was one of the first people to dive in.

Cool bar named El Luchador.  I'm such a sucker for anything Lucha Libre related.

Sipping a watermelon refresca while watching the El Paso Chihuahuas Minor League Baseball game.

Beautiful sculpture outside of University of Texas El Paso, both my parents alma mater.

Yum! Emoladas.  Chicken enchiladas smothered in mole sauce.  

Beautiful mural close to the Mexican border.

My aunt told me to take a picture of this, "Mija...that's a very common Mexican image."

Sweet treats at the Original Bowie Bakery location, on the South Side.

Yucca trees outside my grandparents office.  Despite being 80 and 78 they still work at their CPA firm every day.

Souvenir time!

Hahahah, these bar stools actually look like my own butt....they just have skinnier legs.

My grandparents backyard.  They were especially proud of it, telling me to take more photos from different angles.

Yes!  We went to a bar!  My aunt, uncle, grandparents and I went together to The Hoppy Monk.
Dope water fountain on the patio of the bar,  Made from beer taps.

This week has flown by equally fast, catching up at work and starting a gluten free diet.  I don't usually diet but I made a pact with my family that'd we all try it for a month.  But I'm not worried, we'll be done before the end of the State Fair of Texas, the home of everything fried!

Any cool, end of summer trips that you have taken?  Let me know!

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  1. El Paso looks beautiful - clearly everyone there has freaking awesome backyards! All the colours looks so bright and I'm v.jealous of that blue sky! Really loving the Hispanic heritage points :)