Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up in Panther City

Hello peeps,

This weekend started out quite chilly on Saturday in Panther City aka Funky Town aka Cowtown aka Fort Worth, Texas.  Temperatures were in the low 40's during the day but that didn't stop me from attending the Untapped Festival at the Panther Island Pavilion in downtown Fort Worth.

I bundled up in my puffy army green parka, jeans, sweater, scarf and gloves.  I arrived at 3, only to find out the start time was 4 pm, so I headed down a block or two to the Fort Worth Funky Finds Indie Market, to look around.  I picked up a beautiful print by local artist Monica Wright.  She was super-sweet and does amazing drawings and painting that focus on close-ups of hands.  Hands are some of the hardest things to draw accurately but Monica illustrates them in a way that imparts emotion and a deeper meaning.

I picked this one up, because of the interplay of light and dark

Sculptures outside the Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Someone ordered a tree...don't ask me how.
After a hour of wandering around Funky Finds, I headed back to the festival grounds where I quickly discovered my gloves were worth their weight in gold.  The wind started to pick up and rain appeared here and there.  People were grabbing promotional beer coozies and ripping out the bottom to use as hand warmers.

The cold actually helped to send the hipsters and posers home.  The only people that stayed were really either into the beer samplings or the musical acts.  I bought a ticket as soon as I saw the Joy Formidable was the closing act.  More on them in a minute.

All the musical acts were killer.  My favorites were Lucius and Allen Stone.  I had listened to both acts on Spotify as I was getting ready that morning and taking pictures of my new wreaths for the shop.  Their tracks can't compare to how they each performed live.  Despite the cold, they had the crowd cheering and dancing.

Lucius via Facebook

I ran out like a nerd to the Merch tent to pick up their album. Someone offered to buy my gloves off of me.

Allen Stone via Facebook
I didn't get any pictures because it was dark and I was far off from the stage.  The other acts were great in getting the crowd pumped and excited.  Locals like Sam Lao, Topic and Quaker City Nighthawks brought their A-game and made us locals proud.  
Sam Lao - Swag for days

Topic in a Cosby sweater..  Not pictured?  His teddy bear backpack. I'm serious.

Other acts like Paris-based La Femme and LA Based People Under the Stairs came to rock and, despite the chill, had us bopping around.  

La Femme - yes that dude is totes rocking a beret.

People Under the Stairs - Rapping about beer, weed, San Fran and such.

And lastly, around 10pm, the Joy Formidable did not disappoint. In any way shape or form.  Fair weather music fans?  Who needs 'em?  This is the way to experience a music fest.  With people willing to brave the cold, the rain, to be richly rewarded with the best acts I've seen live in a very long time.

Joy Formidable

Ain't she cute.  And terrifyingly awesome at the same time?

So what's up this week for you guys?  Any crazy plans for St. Patrick's Day?  Tell me.  I wanna know.



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