Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY - Quirky Flower Vases

Right around this time, I think most people yearn for spring.  The warming of the temperatures, sunshine on our faces, flowers beginning to bloom.  Even in Texas, spring is still a few weeks away.  My mama doesn't take her plants outside until April, instead keeping her citrus trees, aloes, hibiscus plants, and pineapple plants locked up in a modest greenhouse for the winter.  I don't have quite the green thumb she does, but I have managed to keep two giant aloe plants she bestowed upon me alive.  They are currently keeping warm in my garage.

As a way to quell my spring fever, I like to pick up some flowers at the supermarket every once in a blue moon.  I only get the really cheap bouquets, this time I picked up a small bouquet for $4.88 at Walmart.  Be sure to pick the flowers that are still partially closed and have yet to fully bloom, as these will last you longer.

So pretty.
Now comes the fun part.  Instead of using traditional vases, I've been holding onto empty glass soda bottles, an empty Voss water bottle, even an empty coffee can.  I like the thrifted feel they add to a small group flowers and they really help to personalize the little mini-bouquets for me.  My favorite item to use as a vase, however, is this hot-pink measuring cup I got from Target last summer.

To start, cut down the stems of your flower at a 45 degree angle and re-arrange, stripping any extra leaves or flower buds that may have been crushed or damaged.  Don't be afraid to cut down some stems even more so that your flowers are staggered.  You don't have to use all of the flowers or greenery. 

I played around with my different containers but decided to pass on the coffee can.  Next time, though!  Then I like to place flowers around my main living space.  The kitchen counter, dining table, side table, wherever you like.

Now get you some flowers and get happy!



  1. I love this! When I lived in a tiny apartment I was much too cheap to buy actual vases and did the same thing- I think it gives a little more character and quirk to the room :)

    xo marlen
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