Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chihuly Fooly

I took a day trip into downtown Seattle with my grandpa, to hit up the Chihuly museum. For those just getting into art museums and whatnot,  you will come across a Chihuly piece at some point. Prized for the amazing things he can make with blowing glass, Dale Chihuly is one of Seattle's favorite sons and his pieces are displayed all over the world. My mom caught an outdoor exhibit back home and fell in love with his massively expensive pieces. She had tried to collect more local glass pieces, which she has dubbed her "Chifoolies".

Again after a staggering amount of pictures, we went across the street to a sport bar for some beers and snacks, mostly the tempura bacon. We caught the tail end of the 49ers vs Packers game. The Packers lost but that bacon was sinful!

Enjoy my supah ninjas!


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