Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Speed Dating at a Comic Con

Hey guys and gals.  Over Valentine’s Day weekend I attended the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2016 with my bestie, where we decided to go in costume and attend the speed dating event hosted by SciFi Speed-Dating.  Ah, Nerds in Love!  The headline practically writes itself.

Meet a life size Ninja Turtle is off my bucket list.
“Do it for the story!”  I urged my also single, best friend.  “We will go in costume!  It’ll be hilarious.”  I promised.  This seemed to me to have all the potential in the world to be the best meet-cute scenario in the history of adorkability. 

Photo from SciFiSpeedDating
I had my cosplay all put together and carefully thought out.  I dressed as Marceline, the Vampire Queen from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.  I made the red axe-guitar from cardboard and a hockey stick, made a custom French Fry shaped purse emblazoned with the phrase “Daddy, why?” (as in her famous song, “Daddy, why did you eat my fries?”), and even found a plushie of Marceline’s stuffed bear, Hambo, to attach to my purse.

Yes, I'm using a selfie stick because I live alone and am too lazy to use a tripod, or get a timer.
Unfortunately, Sci-Fi Speed-Dating, turned out to be no different than regular, normal, every-day speed-dating, just without booze or the opportunity to have a drink.  The guys still skewed younger, somehow a 16-year old managed to sneak his way in.  The guys are still super-shy, not willing to give a connection a chance, despite the fact that I managed to talk somewhat knowledgeably about Death Note, Soul Eater, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Deadpool in a seamless flow.  There were a lot of guys rocking the Green Lantern and Captain America t-shirts.  At least this time it was free, for the ladies at least.

I did get to meet some super-chill nerd ladies, which actually happens to me, a lot.  I tend to walk away from speed dating with a new lady friend to add to my squad. 

The convention itself was cool.  The speed-dating event sucked up so much time that I didn’t get to sit in on any panels.  I definitely loved seeing all the various cosplays, kept an eye out for amazing plus-size cosplay.

How much do you love this Agent Carter cosplay from @feministafatale?

I’m still going to get my dork on going to more conventions, but for now I’ll stick to striking a conversation in line rather than rely on speed-dating.  Not even the potential presence of superheroes can save it from being a waste of time. 

(Unless noted, all photos are my own.  Please let me know if you'd like to be credited as one of the above cosplayers.  Thanks)


  1. Oh my god this is amazing!!! And your costume is fantastic :) what a shame the guys were shy, I would've thought this would be a sure fire way to meet a cute SF guy! I've never done speed dating myself although if I was single I would be all over a SF themed one! The lady dressed as Agent Carter is also awesome.

    1. Right? She was awesome! I'm going to keep going to conventions because you do usually meet cool people there.

  2. Good on your for trying it out though! You looked great :)