Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cute & Simple DIYs for Friendsgiving

Source - The Sweetest Occasion
Hello friends.  How many of you participate in Friendsgiving, the practice of holding another Thanksgiving meal with just your friends? Sadly, I have never been to a Friendsgiving before but I think this year, I really like to host one at my house.

I can just picture putting together a long thin table, cutting right through my living room and dining room, adding some strings lights, call over a bunch of friends, and just feast.

Sound great, right?

In anticipation, I've rounded up some cute and simple DIYs on Pinterest to set a festive theme and get everyone into a wonderful holiday mood.

Home Decor

Okay, so who here would up with leftover pumpkins from Halloween?  Just me?  Well how fantastic is this idea to use a gold marker to write "Give Thanks" is curly swirly script?  Just write on a few and place around the room.


I love these free Thanksgiving printables from  Just print out on white cardstock, tape around the room or use in some cheap Ikea frames.  Have them set out among the buffet table or the bar cart.  Boom, easy elegance.

So this is essentially what I'm hoping to recreate for about 6 people at my place in a week or so.  Just two tables and some overhead cafe string lights.  Add some candles and you instantly have a cozy atmosphere.


In addition to some spare pumpkins left over from Halloween, I also have a ton of dried acorns from my fall decor craft session.  Seriously, I have a stash all the squirrels in my neighborhood would be mad jealous about.  Stuffing a few in a votive with a tea-light is so easy and yet brings a much needed warm rustic feel to the table.

I could also add some elegance with black candles and little succulents wrapped in craft paper with some black or white ribbon.  My grocery store always carries a few succulents for pretty cheap.  Usually about $3 each.  Guests could also take one home if they'd like.


As for name cards, I have plenty of wine corks laying around (don't ask me how - Olivia Pope ain't got nothing on my wine consumption).  I can just hot glue two together and write names on some old novel pages with a Sharpie.  Done and done.



Everybody likes a good theme party with a signature cocktail.  Why shouldn't Friendsgiving be the same?  I know just what to make, Apple Cider Sangria from!  Not too heavy for my friends that rarely drink and not too sweet for my friends that do partake.

Unfortunately, due to my iron grip, (no seriously, my sisters call it my Gorilla Grip) I have so twisted and mangled the metal handles of my hardworking potato ricer.  So making my favorite fluffy garlic mashed potato as a side is not really an option until I can find another potato ricer but I'm thinking of substituting these amazing looking savory and sweet Maple Rosemary Carrots from A Bird and Bean.  The recipe looks insanely easy.

I'm not much of a baker but even I can probably stick with this recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites from  The best part?  Portion control by pre-slicing the bites so you can indulge a little or a lot.


Having just left my twenties, I still love to color.  Who doesn't love that sh#t?  Sometimes its better than making small talk, plus I get all nostalgic when I see these free printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages from Even though the smiles on the pilgrims and Indian man look like people trying not to laugh at your face when you walk out of the bathroom trailing a mile long swath of toilet paper.

Photobooth, yaas!  Just make some Thanksgiving themed props out of colored construction paper and make a simple backdrop.  You don't even need to provide a camera since most people own a camera-phone and are just itching for any photo op.

Are any of you attending a Friendsgiving or hosting one of your own?  Let me know your tips, tricks or memories of a good time.



  1. Ah, that DOES sound great :) my friend from America held a friendsgiving at his place last year and it was so so lovely. I'd never been to a thanksgiving before! He cooked tonnes of food (three different desserts), we drank wine and played games, including cards against humanity which was v.funny. Sadly he's moved back to the US now so no thanksgiving for me this year :( hope you have a good one though, the long table idea is ace and yes please for some apple cider sangria and pumpkin cheesecake! X

    1. Wow. That sounds amazing! Well hopefully you'll make another Friendsgiving hosting friend soon.

  2. Apple cider sangria sounds delicious! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but it sure looks like a delightful holiday!

    Lauren / And Together We