Monday, August 18, 2014

4 Ways To Get into the Summer Camp Trend

So, I know summer is winding down but I've been noticing that the Summer Camp Trend is still going quite strong.  

There’s just something about all those uniforms, badges, and camp insignia that makes adult super nostalgic.  

Now, I’ve never been to summer sleep away camp as a kid but one of my very first jobs in college was as the videographer for a boys’ summer camp off the coast of North Carolina, Camp Seagull.  The different cabin names, mascots and cheers still bring a smile to my face.  The kids were super surprised to find out I was from Texas and never shot a gun before. J

Quick, before the summer ends check out my picks to keep the camp spirit alive and well in your home or apartment.


Oh my god, you guys, the best thing to come out of the Summer Camp Trend revival this year is this charming comic books series, Lumberjanes.  Billed as Gravity Falls meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer at a summer camp, this comic is written and drawn by awesome females and featuring 5 female leads that come in every shape and size.  I’m loving the sisterhood and supernatural vibes.  Comic shops around my area can’t keep the issues on their shelves long enough.


While it doesn’t take place in an actual summer camp, the Disney animated series Gravity Falls is set in a small northwestern town in which twin siblings visit their eccentric granduncle during the summer.  With their Uncle as the owner of the town’s “Mystery Shack”, twins Dipper and Mabel encounter all sorts of mystical creatures, supernatural occurrences and town conspiracies.  Equal parts cute and hella creepy, this is one of the best new animated series.

Yep, that's the gnome puking a rainbow.  If you can't see why it's funny then this is not your show.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this.  Wes Anderson.  Scout uniforms.  Animal costumes. Summer romance. Perfect soundtrack.  You have to see this.

Etsy - Arrow Print from MossAndTwigPrints

Etsy - Stars and Dots Banner from Summer Boyfriend

Etsy - Camp Arrowhead Mini Wreath from SugarSkullIndustries


Camp by Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover

Outside of appearing on the show Community, actor Donald Glover is actually a pretty good and thought provoking rapper with, like, sick abs.  Picture Drake with a sense of humor, and a cuter face.  His first album Camp, while summer camp inspired, actually has some explicit lyrics so just don’t play around the kids. 

Got any summer camp memories you are fond of?  Visions of making s'mores by a campfire?  Tell me!


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