Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Roman Holiday - Part Two

Probably surprising no female ever, I actually did some research prior to packing for my trip to Italy. Dreamt of it, fantasized about what perfect little outfits to pack.  See, I wanted to look like I belonged in Italy and decided upon the advice of travel blogs and posts to pack mostly layers and mostly black clothing.  Black is chic and fits in anywhere, right?  Well the truth of it is, you can pretty much wear anything you want to, especially in Rome.  There are SO MANY tourists, everywhere, that you can wear shorts, flip-flops, sports bras, sweats, yoga pants.....whatever you please, and no one will bat an eye.  

You will only pass for Italian, if you are dressed for work or going out, complete with at least four inch heels, which only suffices for walking short distances on the cobblestones. If you are carrying a camera, no matter what you wear, forget about it, you are a tourist. So you may as well dress for the weather.  Life is too short and Rome is simply to beautiful to even care about that stuff.

On our third and last day, my mom lead the way to the open-air market in the morning for breakfast and to pick up some groceries for a picnic lunch, olive-studded rolls, peaches, prosciutto and cheese.  We took a Hop On/ Hop Off Tour Bus to visit the Vatican, Castel Sant'Angelo and the Bocca Della Verita or the Mouth of Truth.

My mom successfully getting some prosciutto.

Arriving at the Vatican, St. Peter's Square

La Pieta, inside St. Peter's Basilica.

Changing of the Swiss Guard.

Fresh running drinking water pours everywhere in Rome, its completely safe to drink.  Take a water bottle and you can fill up near most of the landmarks you visit.

Castel Sant'Angelo

German priests eating a picnic lunch in the shade.

Tiber River

Tiberina Island.

St. Peter's at night.

Goodnight and goodbye Rome!  On to Pisa and Florence.


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